Unique Design

Our Phantom Record Frames are unlike any other. Our design is constructed of a solid piece of acrylic. Not only can you display your records, you can also retrieve them easily to play.


Hang the frames where you want using the simple keyhole on the back or place them on a shelf. Each frame holds single, double, or triple LP albums with the records enclosed.

Expedient shipping

Our included shipping will ensure you receive your frames in top condition. You do not need to assemble anything, just slide your record cover into the opening at the top and place it where you want it.

Our sturdy vinyl record frames make your records seamlessly float on your wall and protects them from UV light and food fights. Then, when you are ready to listen to one, take it off the wall, slide it out of the frame, and play it. Because, let’s be honest, you want to actually play your records. That’s why you bought them.