Our Story

My Story

Hi, I am a vinyl record collector and I have designed the Phantom Frame. I love vinyl records for the music first, but I thought it would be cool to have an uncomplicated way to protect, display, and enjoy the amazing album cover art as well as having easy access to the record for playing.

A few years ago, I bought a lake house and decided to decorate with music – anything music! Along with antique and modern musical instruments, I decided to hang album cover art on the walls of my little place by the lake. After weeks and weeks of searching, all the record frames I found seemed to lock the albums behind glass and wooden or plastic frames, making them practically inaccessible. I also wanted to play the music! So, I designed and patented Phantom Frames. These unique vinyl record frames let you access records quickly, while still protecting and enjoying the cover artwork. They hold single, double, and triple LPs and are easily hung on any wall.

Now, at home and at the lake, I have walls with up to 8 Phantom Frames permanently hung. This allows me to change the records on display depending on the mood -Rock, Bluegrass, Country, Jazz, Blues… or the season – Christmas!
Collectors love that it’s simple to do and there is always fresh and different art on the walls. They also appreciate the ability to quickly remove the LP for playing.

Growing up, following my daddy and the Pine Ridge Quartet sharing their musical talents certainly impacted my love for all genres of music making this a fun and exciting next step in my world. Hope you enjoy sharing your collection of classic and current LPs using the Phantom Frame for displaying and playing.

Vicki Gaar